Below are some frequently asked questions by parents who call us every day.

If you have any further questions, JUST FILL IN OUR CONTACT FORM and a member of our team will be in touch.


Q. If I have my own family to share with, can we still use your services?

A. Yes, of course. Please contact us to arrange for our agency representative to call out and personally gather all of your requirements so that we can begin the recruitment process.

Q. If a family wants 8 hours but I need 9 hours, what do I pay for the last hour?

A. If both families agree on 8 hours for nanny share but 1 family needs an extra hour, that family would just pay $35 p/h + GST (our sole charge rate) for the additional hour and/or every hour that they have the nanny looking after just their child.

Q. Which house do we agree on for the Nanny Share to be in?

A. The share arrangement can be at either of your homes. Some families alternate between the two. Please take into consideration sleeping arrangements for two babies, the home layout (e.g. if you have stairs) and child-friendly attractions close-by (e.g. park, playground).

Q. What items are needed for a Nanny Share arrangement?

A. You will need a double pram, a portable cot and a high chair per child.

Q. Can we claim the childcare rebate from having a nanny?

A. You cannot claim the 50% rebate from having any in-home care. You can only claim this from Daycare. If you look at the costs of childcare to Nanny Share, you will see that even with the childcare rebate it adds up to the same costs. We have a non paying service on public holidays as your nanny is not required to work on public holidays. This will bring down your childcare costs significantly. You are also entitled to 5% benefits from having in-home care. From our tax invoices and receipts, you can claim this back. Your nanny will just need to register with Centrelink. Please visit Centre Link Assistance for more information.

Visit our blog for more information on Nanny Share VS Daycare costs.

Q. Is there a limit as to how long we need to have the arrangement for?

A. No, however we do suggest that you offer a minimum of 6 months so that there is consistency and commitment for your nanny and the other family. There is however a 4 month commitment, with 4 weeks notice when you would like to finish your arrangement.

Q. Tell me about your nannies...

A. Our Nannies are professional career nannies with at least 2-3 years of professional experience working in Daycare center's and/or as a professional career nanny. They have a childcare qualification, a working with children's check, a police clearance check and a First Aid certificate.

Q. Tell me about your babysitters...

A. Our babysitters are our qualified working nannies currently on our books. They are not just babysitters seeking an evening job, they are career nannies looking for extra hours on evenings and weekends.

Q. Do you employ the nannies?

A. Yes we are not referral agency, meaning we take no finder's fees like other agencies. We provide an ongoing service looking after PAYG and insurance for your nanny.

Q. Are there any upfront costs?

A. It is free to register and free to meet as many families as you like until you find the matching one. If you meet a family and both of you are happy to proceed with the arrangement, there is just the one-off payment of a $299 enrollment fee, then just $18.50 per hour per family. This is for Nanny Share arrangements. All of our prices exclude GST. 

Q. What are the rates for a family with 2 children seeking a Nanny Share arrangement?

A. It is just an extra $2 per hour for a family with two children. In total $20.50 p/h + GST. This is to cover costs for insurance.