The Many Advantages Families Can Get Out of In-home Child Care

in Parenting
3 Dec 2014

“Home is where the heart is.”

It is a place of comfort for the entire family, where each member can enjoy the solitude that it provides and be completely themselves.

For parents who have the option of staying at home, many would choose to personally take care of their child right at their own home, whether it be in Sydney NSW or Brisbane QLD. If parents need to leave the house to work or travel though, why should it change? Even if you’re away, the home can still be a place where your kids can receive optimum child care through in-home care provided by a nanny.

Here are the advantages in doing this:

  • Familiar and safe environment

Your child will be in a familiar environment so he will feel comfortable all throughout the time you leave him with the nanny. Plus, he is in an environment where all measures have been made to ensure his safety. This is guaranteed, as it was you who personally took care of this.

  • Clean surroundings

As parents you always strive to keep your home clean for the benefit of the entire family. With in-home care your child can take advantage of this and you don’t have to worry about him getting infectious diseases.

  • Kids can be with their siblings

One of the downsides of having to go outside of the home is separating your kids for long periods of time. This will no longer be a problem with in-home care. After pre-school, your youngest daughter can play with her brother inside your home.

In-home child care

  • Customisable schedule

Your kids don’t have to be woken up early in the morning and dragged to a different location as it would be the nanny who would come to your home and adjust to your kids’ schedule.

  • Parents’ choice of kid’s daily activities

Parents can even set a daily schedule of activities for the children detailing when kids eat, play, take a nap, read a book or play outside. You and your kids have a choice on how they spend their day.

  • Controlled use of TV, toys or educational tools

You would also have control on what toys the kids get to play with, how many hours each day they’re allowed to watch TV or what educational tools they are permitted to use. You can talk to the nanny and discuss with her the basic house rules.

Even if you need to be away from home, your kids can still receive all the advantages that come with in-home care. All you’d need to do is find a babysitter or a nanny who can take care of your kid. With the abundance of child care jobs around, it won’t be that hard to do. Plus with Lullaby Nanny Share, it’s made even easier.

By hiring a personal nanny or getting nanny share services, your child can get the best care at home even when you’re not around.