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27 Jul 2017

Before the kids came into picture, Date nights didn’t need a label.

They just happened. On a whim. Without preamble.

Lost in the blur of parenting, ‘time with your partner’ often takes a backseat. Understandably, our children become our main priority especially in their first few years. But after a while, the realisation strikes that it is possible to miss someone even though you share the same existence.

Finally, you’ve decided that you need a night out - away from the kids, the toys and bedtime stories. You plot your night out and the first step is to look for a babysitter. Posting on Facebook for recommendations or asking around - you manage to get a couple of names. Then follows the phone calls and getting referrals. Nervously, you call one back and arrange a personal interview.

She seems all right and the kids like her. Excitement slowly replaces anxiety, and you’ve organised the perfect night out. A couple more hours and you will be out the door - dressed up, no kids, restaurant booked. Date night is on!

Then the inevitable text.

“Sorry to do this to you, but I won’t be able to make it tonight. Something came up.”

Just like that, all your carefully laid plans are about to crumble. Do you abandon your date night when your baby sitter pulls the plug at the last minute? Before you cancel that romantic dinner reservation, think Lullaby Nanny Share for emergency babysitters - we can readily step-in when - 24 hours a day.

Our nannies and babysitters are reliable and have undergone extensive background checks (including working with children), as well as hold their current first aid certificate, for your peace of mind.

So go on and enjoy your date night!