At Lullaby Nanny Share, we offer a range of tailored childcare services to guarantee that our families find the perfect solutions to suit their busy lifestyles and needs.

Childcare in NSW can be very expensive, but our aim is to make it much more accessible and affordable. Parents often need as much flexibility as possible too, so we take direction from our families to create personalised childcare packages that work for them.

We take care of the legislation which includes the Tax, Worker’s Compensation, Superannuation and Insurance for all of our nannies. We also offer full public liability insurance for the children in our care, giving added security to put our parents’ minds at ease. To check out our full range of services, just CLICK HERE.


With our Nanny Share option, you will receive an award-winning, high quality childcare service that is affordable for your family. By sharing a nanny with another family near you and splitting the cost with them, your childcare costs will be significantly reduced.

You can pair up with a friend/family member to share a nanny or we can help you find a family within the Sydney area who has a similar schedule, child-rearing principles and outlook to you. We’ll match you up with the perfect caregiver, regardless of your work schedule or lifestyle, to ensure that your precious ones are given the best care at your home.

Aside from Nanny Sharing, we also offer Sole Charge, Family Housekeeper, Mother’s Helper, and Night Nanny services for full-time, part-time and temporary childcare needs. We can even help you to find a babysitterFrom January 2016 the Nanny Pilot Programme will come into effect and families who are shift workers or living in rural areas will be entitled to a rebate for in-home Nanny services.


If you’re a childcare professional and you're interested in becoming one of our nannies, you will need to meet the following requirements.  If you meet our criteria then check out our current positions, fill out our registration page and a member of our team will be in touch asap.  


  • "Sabrina was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and leading Sabrina to us for the night. Sabrina was a perfect fit, she is so polite and confident in her job. I felt like Mia was in absolutely safe and fun hands. I was so scared in leaving Mia with someone I didn’t know but Sabrina made my Husband and me feel as ease. She is just wonderful and if I ever need a baby sitter again when I come to Sydney I will be defiantly asking for her. She is one Nanny / babysitter you don’t want to lose!!!!!"

    - Tammie Malcolm, Brisbane 

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  • "My sister-and-law and I share a wonderful nanny, Samantha, two days a week. Samantha is a delight. She loves our boys and they love her. She's professional and warm and we feel very comfortable having her in our homes. I have been on a childcare waitlist since I was three months pregnant. There were no spaces available when I went back to work so we investigated the option of a nanny. It's the best thing we could have done. Knowing the boys are happy at home with Sam has made the return to work a lot easier".

    -Eliza Harvey, Bronte

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  • "The Team at Lullaby Nanny Share offer an excellent and efficient service. They have assisted us in engaging very high quality nanny care for our toddler. The candidates they put forward are always of an extremely high standard. We are delighted to have found Amber, our current nanny, through Lullaby".

    - Elizabeth Gammel- Balmain

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  • "We were lucky enough to have a family who we wanted to share care with so we signed up with Lullaby to help find a Nanny. The Nanny we found was amazing and the kids love her. I didn't have any concerns dealing with Lullaby, they dealt with any changes or issues promptly and were easily contactable if needed. I would recommend Lullaby!"

    - Sarah Thornton- Newtown

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  • "We were looking for a sole charge nanny for our 18MO. Tried a few agencies and by far Lullaby Nannyshare were the easiest to deal with. Sent us a range of good quality candidates to select from and we're very happy with the young lady who is now looking after our little one. Lullaby Nannyshare take care of all the tax/super admin so the arrangements are completely hassle-free for us - and their rates are very competitive. Very efficient and friendly service from Rachel - with thanks from our family!"

    - Karen Moreira, Rhodes

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  • "We discovered lullaby nanny after we couldn't find a centre for our 10 month old son. They found us a great family in our neighbourhood share a nanny and I would never go back! They made the process very easy, the arrangement is smoother than ever thought possible, and our nanny is like part of the family now. At the end of the day we pay about $20 more than we would at daycare, two children get the sole attention of one loving nanny, the kids are the best of friends, and all of the stress associated with drop offs and pick-ups is gone! Plus if your nanny is sick they arrange for another for the day with no additional stress to you. Honestly, I have 2 children, and this is much much better than my experience with daycare. I highly recommend lullaby".

    - Jennifer Dines, Newtown

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  • "Lullaby are very professional,  diligent and highly responsive. Not only did they find the right nanny for us, but were able to find a temp nanny at very short notice whenever required".

    - Gary Chiert, North Turramurra

  • "We LOVE [our nanny] Laura, she has changed our lives already! She is fabulous and Reuben loves her, they are always out and about together and have settled into a good routine. I can’t stop raving about Laura to my friends she is just great"

    Andie Dalziell, Balgowlah

  • [Our nanny] Mia is great, she has already made a big difference for me especially in the transition to going back to work, Ben is currently teething and so is quite agitated but Mia knows how to sooth him and he has started smiling when he sees her so I am very happy and wouldn’t change anything. 

    Michelle Torenbeek, Mosman

  • "Everything is going really well, I am really enjoying the new position and really pleased. Ben is settling in nicely. He is not a self-soother so I have got him into a sleeping routine and has seen a positive effect in Bens sleeping. I’m really pleased and happy in this new role and with the new family with no problems to report"

    Mia, Nanny in Mosman 

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